Thursday, 29 May 2014

Face Cream Ad by Asiana

Room 12 is learning about advertising for writing. We are advertising to convince other people to use our product. I reckon that my advertising would be very persuasive for other people.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A sleeping Dragon by Celia

How did this dragon get here?
No one really knows. What if it just flew right through the building and stopped for a nap? Well we’ll find out.

News reporter Ashley says she was in town reporting for the NZ fashion week. But then something caught her attention. No one would ever believe her. It was a dragon. It was flying around the town. She stated that, as it was flying up high into the blue sky, something flew into his huge hazel eye. He lost control and came shooting down like a meteorite. His enormous red body came flying down and crashed into an abandon building like a rocket. Luckily no one was hurt.

As soon as the dragon crashed through the building, she saw a young boy aged around 8-9 years old walking towards the dragon. As he was walking he was crying. The dragon stood up with smoke pouring out of his nose. As he stood up slim was dripping out of his wide mouth.

Police and swat crews arrived at the scene to find the reporter with the boy backing away from the dragon. The swat crew spread around the dragon and one of the swat crew members stabbed the dragon with a needle ( it had a special kind of sleeping drug ). The dragon felt the needle go through his rock solid body and tried to attack but yawned so loud that the building shock.

The reporter was safe, as well a the young boy. The boy’s parents got the news and came quickly with tears coming down their cheek. The dragon was caged and sent to the Milford Dragon Academy.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Maintenance Math by Pareata

WALT: Find how many sets

In this game you have to try and find out how many carts you will need to fill all the gems. This game helps me to revise my division facts properly. My strategy was using multiplication tables to find out division sums. This game was easy because I knew my multiplication. Next time I will want to learn standard algorithm.