Friday, 17 October 2014

An Inspiring Visitor by Tupou

It was surprising news when Mr Hendricks told rooms 11 and 12 that we were having a special visitor. Mr Hendricks explained to us about Muskan Devta and why she was at our school. Once our conversation with Mr Hendricks was over we were all to be assembled in room 11 while he invited her in. When she walked into room 11 she introduced herself like all visitors do. Muskan Devta describe her life in a positive and negative way. She explained how she was born with partial hemiplegia disease. In fact in primary school everyone treated her differently from the rest of the students, and how she had no friends therefore every morning tea and lunch time she would always roam around the school or go to the library. But as she grew older and went into intermediate everything changed due to how much confidence she had in herself. She started having friends, and she also became class captain, and even better a radio journalist as well. She says she had a lot of blessing due to how much confidence she had in herself that year. The most inspiring thing about Muskan was the fact that even though she had partial hemiplegia she still didn't give up in school even if she didn't have friends she never gave up. After having Muskan at our school I learnt that you should always be confident and have a positive attitude and as long as you have these two you can do anything.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sameera writes about making Nets

my net.png
Walt- Making Nets

In math class our topic was to make nets. To make a nets, we had to use a compass and have an accurate measurement. Making a net, was confusing at times because we got wrong measurements and then we had to start over again. Doing the square based isosceles triangular was easy using the ark. Next time I want to learn how to make different shapes using the ark.