Monday, 8 October 2012

5+ a Day by Autymn

Today we made delicious sandwiches with lots of healthy vegetables, ham and tuna. Our healthy vegetables were lettuce, carrot and cucumber. The last ingredient was cheese. In my sandwich were all the ingredients.
My first vegetable was lettuce, then Mrs. Barry had put some tuna on my other piece of bread. The second vegetable I put in my sandwich was the cheese, thirdly was the carrot and cucumber. Lastly Mrs. Ramkolowan had handed out ham to my table, I had put the ham in my sandwich and finally put the other piece on my sandwich. It looked really nice, and BIG.
After I put my sandwich together I had took a bite, it was delicious but really BIG. When I took a bite I could see all the 5 + a day colours, it looked amazing. I hope that we do sandwich making every day and get healthier.
Remember when you eat; eat healthy and try all the 5 + a day colours as they are really delicious.  


  1. Hi Autumn

    You have a very lovely story. The way I meant it was, I am starting to make one but the problem was that I don't have those ingredient here. That was sad. I love your story. Keep up the hard work. Tell me more about the healthy vegetables ingredient. What is good to make healthy vegetables and learn more about it.

    From Tainah Lauaki

  2. Hi Autumn,
    I like your story about 5+a day. Your sandwich looks yummy because the sandwich has two of my favourite ingredients. What other ingredients do you want to put on your next sandwich?

  3. Kia Ora Autymn
    You are right about people eating 5 + a day. You have put in a lot commas which make the sentences longer which is excellent. If there was plenty more ingredients, would you put them all in?