Saturday, 29 March 2014

Helios The Sun God By Autymn

In Room 12 for reading, Group 4 and 5 are studying myths and legends. We were told to choose a Myth or Legend and write some memoribillia to swap with a friend. My memoribillia is about the Sun God, Helios, below are some facts for Helios. I hope you enjoy.

Family of Helios

Helios is the sun god, his parents are Hyperion and Theia. They were the union of the celestial Titan. Helios had sisters and there names are Selene, the goddess of the moon, and Eos, the radiant rosy fingered goddess of the dawn. His first marriage was to his sister Selene, but overall he had many other wives.

Appearance of Helios

Helios was a glowing god with bright curls of hair. His piercing eyes gazed from underneath his golden helmet and he wore fine-spun garments. The Ancient Greeks interpreted Helios as a gigantic eye with a halo, observing that everything he touched shone like gold.

How Helios travelled

Helios travelled in a winged  golden bed, he was called the sun and was predicted to be the sun. Helios sees everything that happens every minute of the day.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Festival of Education By Chloe

Tere from the Cook Islands was interested in how we use our net books.
Today we are at the Viaduct Events Centre, we were given a task to talk to people about our technological tools. I shared with Tere and many other interested people, how I Create, Learn and Share.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fierce Dragon by Tre

4345455656565666666666666666666666666666.jpgOn Friday, reporters found a dragon in the middle of the park.
The GIS Herald received an anonymous call to report a dragon on the loose.
6 year old Leo Rugby saw the dragon’s big red eyes, big green scaly body, ferocious teeth and said there was blood running out of his claws.
It is thought that the blood streaming out of his claws came from a recent dragon fight.

Flames were shooting out from his jaws. The fire was going every way the dragon saw possible to strike. But little kids from Haarera Elementary School were scared so they call the police. The police  fought the terrifying dragon with their sticks.

As the dragon breathed fire the Policeman’s sticks burst into flames. The Police have run back to their station to get guns.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Concrete Gannets By Tre

Can the gannets tells the difference between a concrete bird and a real bird?

Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:28:00.pngKids from Ngati Toa school are going to  Mana Island near Wellington on a boat.
The students are putting concrete Gannets on the mountain so they can attract the real gannets. They were making concrete gannets so they can bring the species back to nz.

The concrete birds were made in a workshop in Belmont and the Ngati Toa kids have painted them carefully so they look the same as the real birds .

Gannets only eat fish.They spot a small fish swimming below the waves. The bird dives straight down,stretching its wings straight behind just before hitting the water like a bullet and gets the fish.

How many Hats? By Hilda-Rose

We have been learning about six hat thinking. This is what the different hats mean.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

If you see this Dragon By Melissa

Dragon on The Loose

“Hello, reporter Melissa from TV3 here. Updating news for this hour. We are live in Auckland City park. Citizens have said that a moment ago there was a furious and dangerous Dragon. Well this might sound confusing but it's true. He constantly attacked the playground while people were still passing through the park. While he was attacking the playground there were some witnesses. The witnesses described him as a huge, green, bulky, scaly and a fast dragon. In other words they said that the dragon looked like the Hulk’s pet. Here is a picture of what the dragon looks like.”    

Hulks Dragon.jpg

If you see this dragon, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HIM.

Flaming Acid by Pareata


Dragons that breathe out flaming acid or a magical potion that makes everyone burn into stone need to be stopped.

This is a fierce and spiky dragon. So everyone needs to stay clear from this beast. This dragon has been scaring people, killing people and burning their houses down. It kills everyone that gets into his way with his flaming acid.

The dragon has a slimy scaly body as hard as a rock, and has fierce evil eyes. It goes higher than the clouds and hits the ground at a high speed trying to break the ground into pieces.

The dragon has since been found by a soldier. There will be no harm or trouble coming to you because after one week the soldier managed to train the dragon and taught him not to kill anymore.

Production by Pareata