Friday, 17 October 2014

An Inspiring Visitor by Tupou

It was surprising news when Mr Hendricks told rooms 11 and 12 that we were having a special visitor. Mr Hendricks explained to us about Muskan Devta and why she was at our school. Once our conversation with Mr Hendricks was over we were all to be assembled in room 11 while he invited her in. When she walked into room 11 she introduced herself like all visitors do. Muskan Devta describe her life in a positive and negative way. She explained how she was born with partial hemiplegia disease. In fact in primary school everyone treated her differently from the rest of the students, and how she had no friends therefore every morning tea and lunch time she would always roam around the school or go to the library. But as she grew older and went into intermediate everything changed due to how much confidence she had in herself. She started having friends, and she also became class captain, and even better a radio journalist as well. She says she had a lot of blessing due to how much confidence she had in herself that year. The most inspiring thing about Muskan was the fact that even though she had partial hemiplegia she still didn't give up in school even if she didn't have friends she never gave up. After having Muskan at our school I learnt that you should always be confident and have a positive attitude and as long as you have these two you can do anything.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sameera writes about making Nets

my net.png
Walt- Making Nets

In math class our topic was to make nets. To make a nets, we had to use a compass and have an accurate measurement. Making a net, was confusing at times because we got wrong measurements and then we had to start over again. Doing the square based isosceles triangular was easy using the ark. Next time I want to learn how to make different shapes using the ark.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

African Safari and Math by Keaneau

Screenshot 2014-03-28 at 10.25.44.pngScreenshot 2014-03-28 at 10.13.40.png                                              

On this worksheet I had to work out how many animals were at the African Safari. We used place value to solve it so we can get the answer . Then we use a paper graph to show how many animals were there. Next I found the numbers then I coloured the squares in.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Persuasive Writing by Tupou

For term 2 room 12's focus for writing is persuasive writing. We were given a topic to do a advertisement about persuading people to buy my cookies. And in this advertisement we had to have a Slogan, Mini Chunky Minions it had to be big and bold.  This is my advertisement! 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Siua Fractions in Room 11

Screenshot from 2014-08-22 09:47:54.png
W.A.L.T: Solve problems with fractions.

In this game you have to choose a fish to eat. If you eat the wrong fish you will lose points. This game helps with making fractions in its simplest form and equivalent fractions. The game was challenging for me because I did not know some of the questions. Next I would like to learn to decimal fractions.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A dragon so cool by Charlie

And here is a dragon poem that I wrote

A dragon so cool

When I went to the pool
I saw a big dragon that was so cool
It was as big as a tower
It was red and yellow as a flower

When he breathes out he has orange flames
And he loves playing card games
His skin is hard and rough
And he is very tough

He smells like sweet cakes  
And eats so much his stomach aches
His tail it is sharp like a nail
and it’s fast like hail.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Siua learns to draw to scale


I learned to scale to enlarge my drawing. I used a scale of 1cm to represent 3cm. This  means that my drawing was 3 times bigger. The task was difficult because it had too much detail. I need more practice. Next I would still like to learn scales.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Moko- Fractions

WALT: find a fraction of a set.
Solve these problems.  Please show your working.
Miki cut a cake into 4 equal pieces. She put frosting on 3 pieces of the cake. What fraction of the cake had frosting?

There were 11 students in a swimming pool. 9 got out. What fraction of the students got out?

Robbie cut a pie into 5 equal slices. Then he ate 4 of the slices. What fraction of the pie did Robbie eat?

Bridget had 18 apple pies. She gave 1/2 of what she had to her friend Rosa. How many apple pies did Rosa get?
1/2 of 18 = 18 2 = 9

Of the 24 students in Ashley's class, ¼ of them have a pet cat and 2/4 also have a dog as a pet. How many students in Ashley's class had a pet cat?
1/4 of 24 =6

Kuraia had bought 30 cupcakes for her birthday party. One half of them had chocolate icing.  When she got home her little sister ate 1/3 of it.  How many chocolate icing cup cakes had Kuraia bought?
1/2 of 30 = 15

My niece collected 28 yummy stickers.  Her best friend collected a quarter of what she had.  How many stickers did my niece’s best friend collect?
1/4 of 28 = 7

There are 32 students in room 10.  Half of them are vegetarian and two quarters wanted to go on a field trip.  How many vegetarian students are there in room 10?
1/2 of 32 = 16  
Gordon had 36 toy cars.  He sold 1/8 of them to his cousin John and his big brother took a quarter of it.  How many toy cars did his big brother take?
1/4 of 36 = 9

Viliami was given $24 for his birthday.  He went to the mall with his brother, Sione.  Viliami spent ½ of his money on a new pair of jeans and he put the rest into his piggy bank.  How much money did Viliami put into his piggy bank?  
1/2 of 24 = 12

Monday, 15 September 2014

Geometry- Keaneau

WALT : I had to play a game that had to name the shape.

On this game I had to name the difference shape that it show then I click in the circle. Some of it was hard so I guess and I got it all right. I got 100% and my time was 30 seconds.  The hardest was heptagon so I looked at all the shapes and I knew it. Next I would like to learn right angles.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Shall I sit it out? by Sameera

Skipping for Heart Health

Every year G.I.S  is always invited to skip and perform their Jump Rope routines. This year was nerve racking, my heart was beating as fast as a cheetah. Every single class had their moves and songs to show off.

The confidence that we all took on the performing stage, was encouraging. My favourite performance was all of the classes but the best one that stood out was Rm10.  Why? Because they were all participating. The people were cheering and shouting their names and although sometimes it could get a little bit embarrassing it was still awesome.

The purpose of doing skipping is to keep
  • Fit
  • Active
  • your heart pumping

So guess what it hit the point when it was my class to skip, nerve racking, much. Some part of me wanted to skip and then the other side of me wanted to just sit out, but then I didn't want to let my class or school down. As we skipped to the song I got happy because the people were cheering and people were having fun watching us so I just went with the flow and it was fun.


Skipping with Glen Innes by Moko

Last week Glen Innes school went down GI for jump rope for heart. Room 1 was first up and Mrs Manu had to blow the whistle for room 1 to get in their places. Next up was room 2. When room 2 were skipping they were smiling at their parents. The parents were taking videos of their kids and the whole class.
Next up is room 3 they were nervous. They didn't won't to go and skip. After that room 3 was skipping and they were excited when they were enjoying the fun. Room 4 was skipping and they were so happy to skip they were not scared they were just happy for their family to video shoot them on their phone.

When room 8 went on, Mrs Barry's grandson was awesome because he was skipping very well.
Every one in room 8 was ready for skipping. Room 9 was awesome because they were doing forward backward cross double landers properly. Room 10 was so scared because they thought they might do something wrong so they felt  embarrassed. When it came to room 11 they were  excited and Shilo was the tallest in the class. He was jumping so so high. Finally room 12 the sports class went to do their skipping. We were scared too and when we were skipping Mrs Barry was blowing the  whistle.

MRS Barry was blowing the horn for side to side. Then 5 or 10 seconds later she blew the whistle again for us to change our skipping jump.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Maths-Shapes by Sameera

Walt: To name different shapes

This game was a tricky game because I had to play against the clock.
The shapes that I had done were a bit hard because they weren't familiar.
I really felt pressured because I wanted a good mark so I had to be fast.
Next time I will work on my speed.
I thought that I did pretty good in this game with my score and time.  

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Math game SNOW FRIENDS with Enosi

Snow Man MathsWe have been learning to find how many sets in a multiplication problem or a division problem.We play reinforcement games to help us learn more about multiplication or division sums. I played a game called snow friends. This game helped me with division sums and multiplication. The point of the game is to get to the snowballs and answer the sums that show up. The game was hard because I did not know all my multiplication and I only made it into level 2. I would try and learn my multiplication at home.

Siua writing about Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope @ Glen Innes

Today the whole school went to the Glen Innes centre for skipping. We went at 11:00 o clock. When all the classes were there we started to skip. First it was room 1 to skip.  Their item was so cool. We all laughed when we were looking at all the little kids skip because they skip funny.  Then it went room 2, they were really good at skipping for 5 and 6 year olds.  Then room 3 had a good routine and funny music. Room 7 was very long. Next it was room 8 they were cool because my brother was in it. Then it was room 9; they were awesome and had chosen a good song too. Then it was room 10 they were boring.  Then it was room 11 their routine was funny. Then it was the best room. Room 12 was cool and had funny skipping.  After that we had a skip off.  At the end Ashley won the skip off. We went to school at 12:30.  My favourite class was room 12 because it was very interesting and they were funny. I hope we have a better jump rope next time.

Back in the day by Haarera

For reading this week, we read a story called Back in my day. These are our activities.

This is the first question. 

Would you like to live in their dad’s day? What/Why not?

Yes. Because you would be able to ride a horse to school. Can go and play with the animals.

This is the second question.

 Complete the table below.


Not sleeping in
Can get your chores finished and get to school early.
Could wake up your mum and dad and they  might get angry at you.
Outside toilet
When your playing outside you can get to the toilet fast.
A strange person could open the door while you're in it.
Having no shoes
Get to experience what's around you with your feet.
You can’t keep your feet warm on winter.
Riding horses to school
Can have fun playing on the horse.
Could for off and hurt your self.
No electronic games
Can have more time to play outside.
On rainy days  you can’t  play any games outside.
No T.V
No distractions from playing outside with your friends.  
Nothing to watch. Just listen to radio.
No shower,only tub and river.
Can swim in the river while you can take a bath and have a lie down in the tub.
Can’t turn on the water fast in the shower and you might not like having baths in the river.

This is the third question. 
Read the chores dad had to do before he went to school. Rank these in order from best chore to worst chore.

Best chore  
Collect the eggs from the hens
Feed the animals
Cut the firewood
Milk the cows

This is the forth question.

What games do you enjoy playing outside after school, in the weekends and during the school holiday.
Games after school in the weekend and during the holiday.
Play with dogs.
Climb up the tree at home.
Kick the rugby ball.
Play with my cousins

The last question is.

Choose one page from this story and turn it into a cartoon to retell that page. Provide a simple caption.

My cartoon

DO NOT TOUCH by Sameera

Andy and Mike were chosen to go to Auckland Museum for a worldwide road trip. Andy and Mike sneaked off to the toilets. While they were walking they went passed a huge dragon statue. It had a massive sign in red saying “ DO NOT TOUCH!” At the very bottom of the sign it said in very little writing “Don’t touch, the dragon might come alive.” They thought that it was very funny, so they rushed to the toilets, then headed back to their group.

As the group arrived at the dragon statue,  Andy and Mike stayed back until their class left. As soon as the class left, they raced to the dragon statue and Mike nervously  touched it.
The dragon reared up with his head high, his big blazing teeth, claws sharpen like a needle and his gigantic green tail lifted high and dropped  to the ground. They had turned their laughs to screams. They ran very quickly to find their group but they couldn't so they panicked. Andy told Mike to never give up, so Mike wiped his tears and ran to the nearest exit.

While the dragon was chasing them the dragon stopped at the exit and said to Mike and Andy, “WHY DID YOU TOUCH ME. DID YOU NOT READ THE SIGN?” 
Mike and Andy replied with a fearful look, “sorry we didn't mean to do that, we thought the sign wouldn't be true.”  
The dragon replied with a huge smile, “It’s all right and for the record I was sick of being a statue my whole life and I'm very thankful.” 
Mike asked with a confused voice, “So, so you weren't not trying to kill us or anything bad?”

Monday, 8 September 2014

Tupou teaches how to play 99 or BUST

Term-3 Week-4.

In maths class this week we have been taught how to play a game called  99 or bust . In this game we have to draw three columns and at the top of each column you have to write Ones, in the next column write tens and then hundreds . The teacher will throw the dice 7 times and with each of those numbers our job was to write each of those numbers in a column. It was our choice where we would put it and when we finish putting it in each column we had to add all our numbers up . The main aim of this game is to get a number below 99 there was only one rule and that was to not go over 99 if we do then we are bust. The top three students with the lowest numbers win.





In total I didn't go bust.
If you would like to play this game all you would need is.
1 dice.
a maths book and
someone to play with.
Its a very easy game and it also helps with your adding...

Anau quickly increased her fraction knowledge playing this game

WALT: find fractions of lengths, including seeing when a fraction is greater than one.

In this game I learnt to match the image to the fractions and then it is much easier to play. I have to put the image on the right answer. This game has taught me about matching fractions.

Evelyn is learning about measurement

To play this game you would need to match the Millimetres, metre and centimetres. It was easy because I just needed to click on 1000 millimetres and 1 metre to get the  answer.  

Play the game by clicking this link

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Face Cream Ad by Asiana

Room 12 is learning about advertising for writing. We are advertising to convince other people to use our product. I reckon that my advertising would be very persuasive for other people.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A sleeping Dragon by Celia

How did this dragon get here?
No one really knows. What if it just flew right through the building and stopped for a nap? Well we’ll find out.

News reporter Ashley says she was in town reporting for the NZ fashion week. But then something caught her attention. No one would ever believe her. It was a dragon. It was flying around the town. She stated that, as it was flying up high into the blue sky, something flew into his huge hazel eye. He lost control and came shooting down like a meteorite. His enormous red body came flying down and crashed into an abandon building like a rocket. Luckily no one was hurt.

As soon as the dragon crashed through the building, she saw a young boy aged around 8-9 years old walking towards the dragon. As he was walking he was crying. The dragon stood up with smoke pouring out of his nose. As he stood up slim was dripping out of his wide mouth.

Police and swat crews arrived at the scene to find the reporter with the boy backing away from the dragon. The swat crew spread around the dragon and one of the swat crew members stabbed the dragon with a needle ( it had a special kind of sleeping drug ). The dragon felt the needle go through his rock solid body and tried to attack but yawned so loud that the building shock.

The reporter was safe, as well a the young boy. The boy’s parents got the news and came quickly with tears coming down their cheek. The dragon was caged and sent to the Milford Dragon Academy.