Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival by Auariki

Wow! This is my first time taking part in the Manaiakalani Film Festival. I will also be presenting our film at the film festival.

Glen Innes (G.I.) students wanted to share how we use our knowledge and the different ways we learn.
Our net-books have been fun to use. Going back through my other years I have always used paper and pencils, it was tiring and slow. But with the net-books its been so much faster than before. G.I are so proud of our net-books.

Our movie is about a boy who comes home from school and his mother asks him what he done in school today. He replies "Nothing mum".
He expects his mother to believe him, but does she?
That is why his mother should go to the Manaiakalani Film Festival and see for her self.
Please visit Room 11's blog too for more film festival posts

G.I. Bootcamp from Glen Innes School on Vimeo.


  1. Hey G.I,
    I just watched your video and it was amazing.
    The song use made was very cool. I liked the way use involved all the happy moments at your school.
    Well done :)

    T.P.S room 8 (Ara)

  2. Hi G.I,
    I watched your movie entry at the Manaikalani Film Festival. I liked how that boy walked into the room and told his mum that he did nothing for the day.

  3. Hey Glen Innes school,
    Just seen your video, It was funny, awesome and really amazing. Loved the movie.


  4. A wonderful movie to celebrate Glen Innes School and your first film festival. I am sure you are already planning for next year!

  5. Hi, Auariki

    I liked the video that you were in. That part was really funny. I liked it when you said to blade "Hi honey how are you ". That was so funny. Well done. I think it was the best video I saw on the big screen.

  6. Hey Glen Innes

    I really like your movie that you you made about boot-camp, and I was just wondering if one day if you could take one day to boot-camp.

    That was a great film to watch.

    Tienira :)

  7. Hey keep singing I love it and nice job
    I love it but good job
    and well done

  8. Hi guys
    that was a cool movie i loved it .

    From Sarai & Henry

  9. I like your graphic because it had a lot off detail it locked very cool.

    Kyan and izac from Pt England school in Room 11.

  10. Anita - Manaiakalani Education Trust16 November 2012 at 12:06

    Fantastic - what a way to represent Glen Innes School at your first film festival. Loved the shots from your netbook launch. A happy smilie film. Thank you

  11. Good on you Glen Innes school. You had a very interesting movie and bet you are going to be even better next year. How did you feel about the other movies?

  12. Hi Rm 11 and 12,
    We loved your movie because you acted well and sang a great song about your school.

    From:Tylah and Falefehi

  13. Hey Auariki I really loved the movie that you and your classmates had made. I enjoyed watching your acting and I also loved the music. You guys did an awesome job and I would love to see more movies from you. GLEN INNES PRIMARY ROCKS !:). OH I almost forgot How was your guys talent quest? who won? I hope u guys had fun:)

    from 'Ofa.

  14. Hi, Glen Innes school room 12, I really enjoyed the movie. I like the song that you guys did, also love the acting. It was also interesting seeing what you guys did everyday, and what a silly boy of saying that he did nothing at school. But for all that you did an amazing work and I can't wait to see more next year!

    Ili Lolaka

  15. Hey Glen Innes Primary,
    We really enjoyed your movie. I can not wait to see more of your movies. You can tell that you worked very hard on this movie. Keep up the good work!

    Ka Kite

  16. Hi Glen Innes school,
    I really liked your movie and your acting was cool. You have worked very hard I liked your song.

  17. Hey Glen Innes Primary,
    I really enjoyed your movie especially the rhymes you made up in the background. Can not wait to see more of your movies. Keep up the good work!

  18. Hi Glenn Innes Primary,

    Enjoyed your song about your learning intention and what you do! You must've learnt A LOT from your teacher. I reckon you guys could write more songs!

  19. Man I wanted to be in the movie like singing it

  20. Thank god we had finished that film because i'm pumped up to make another one. But our film looks amazing

  21. Hi, Auariki
    The movie that our school did last year was super funny

  22. Hi
    The movie is great, but I think you can improve on video quality but overall great film
    From Albert