Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Billy Bug by Hilda Rose

billy bug.png

This games is called Billy Bug. It is based on co-ordinates. You have to press the arrows to get onto the correct space. I got a bit confused but then I got familiar with the concept of the game. I set a high score of 1 minute and 24 seconds. I found it easy because I had the basic knowledge of co-ordinates. I found this game fun and I hope to work with it again in the near future.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Scared and traumatized by Siua

In writing we have being writing about WW1. We have being looking at the picture then we brain stormed . After that we chose 3 of our powerful words. Then made that into 3 little paragraphs. This is the photo that we used. 

This is one of the sentences I wrote with my powerful word. 

The young men only had a little bit of training. When they got into battle they were 
scared and traumatized when they saw their friends dying.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Odd and Even by Anau

That’s Odd


We have been learning about Even and Odd numbers.
Every morning Group 2 use maths book and a math sheet to learn different strategies for solving sums. We’ve been learning about odd numbers and even numbers, it was really easier to solve because its like addition but you have to explain what is odd or even. This maths sum is really easy to answer.
For example:
3+17=20 which is Even because I can half. 10 + 10 =20
11+2=13 which is odd because it doesn't make a half.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

ANZAC by Anau

A week ago Mrs Barry told us in our Writing we have to brainstorm and write what we think about the picture of the WW2. We used some adjectives, nouns and verbs to describe what was happening in the image. Then we had to make a 3 sentence story and use some key words in the sentence and vision yourself in the image and how you might have felt.