Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Proud of Chloe

We have been learning to write and present our speeches. We had to persuade the audience to think our way. The Olympics was our theme.
The criteria we had to use to write and present our speech included, an introduction, delivery, content and our conclusion.

1)We love doing our speech like the Olympics and our problem and introductions for our speech.
2) We do a lot of work for our speech and lots of our amazing work we have done about speeches.
3) I have been trying hard with my speech. 

I think that I did an amazing job for my speech because I persevered and was true to myself when I said my speech.This is some of the facts I included.
Did you know that in the olden days people called soccer football. How many gold medals that New Zealand won. They won five golden medals.The Olympics can keep us fit. I also added my speech ideas and problems in my speech. I was talking clearly and I think that I did a nice job. 
On Friday we all  went to our school hall to listen to the speeches. Chloe came second and Room 12 was so proud of Chloe and the others that gave speeches.


  1. Alexa, I love this blog. I like that you wrote about being proud of Chloe when she was up on the stage presenting her speech. I was very proud of you when you were presenting your speech in our class. I thought you had put a lot of work into your speech. Did you enjoy presenting your speech?

  2. That was a nice story and I am also proud that Chloe came second in the speeches.

  3. I love this story. If you came second in the speeches, how would you feel? Because I would be proud.

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  5. Nice work on your lovely sentence. You had much better, keep it up the hard work Alexa. You really make a lot of sentence of your story. Good work and I also agree to Felila. I'm also proud of Chloe.