Saturday, 3 October 2015

Odd and Even by Anau

That’s Odd


We have been learning about Even and Odd numbers.
Every morning Group 2 use maths book and a math sheet to learn different strategies for solving sums. We’ve been learning about odd numbers and even numbers, it was really easier to solve because its like addition but you have to explain what is odd or even. This maths sum is really easy to answer.
For example:
3+17=20 which is Even because I can half. 10 + 10 =20
11+2=13 which is odd because it doesn't make a half.


  1. Hi Room 12,

    I have experienced learning the strategie of soliving sums with even and odd numbers. When you fully understand it, it is really easy.

    Great work Room 12. From Patrick St Pius

  2. Hi Anau,
    I really like your maths about the odds and evens which is a cool thing to learn in Maths.great Job on your Maths.
    Keep It up!Love ur WORK