Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Silver Medal Speech by Chloe

We have been learning to write and present our speeches. We had to persuade the audience to think our way. The Olympics was our theme.
The criteria we had to use to write and present our speech included, an introduction, delivery, content and our conclusion.

I have learned today to write an interesting introduction by posing a rhetorical question and having powerful words to be very descriptive and have a lot of action.

I think my speech was the best because it caught the listeners attention. My voice was at a good level and my speech was delivered well.  My stance was perfect and I scanned the room looking at my audience. Also my argument stood out. My reasons were strong, important and had a lot of information. The only thing that I probably lacked was when I ask three questions. You may think that that's all right but they were not rhetorical questions. When I presented my content it included my ideas and opinions and was relevant to the topic. My conclusion gathered all my ideas and to me I did a wonderful job. I came second in the year 7 and year 6's speech competition at Glen Innes School. I beat 2 year sevens, that also had fantastic speeches. When I heard my name called out I just wanted to scream, shout and just be happy. But instead I bought my act together and composed myself as a humble person. I was ultra proud of myself. My family and friends were happy for me as much as I was and that's a moment I will never forget.

Next time I can probably have a better, interesting introduction. I can also add a little bit of humour, to make my audience laugh. I could have big, loud sophisticated words. I can try my hardest as well to get my audience to paint a picture in their head just to make them think, when I ask a rhetorical question.


  1. Hi Chloe
    Well done, I am really proud of your achievement with your speech I know you worked extremely hard putting your words together and it has paid off. Keep up the good work honey!
    Mum xx

  2. Hi Chloe,

    This is a good recount of your speech you gave at school! I am so impressed how you have taken time to look back at your speech and think about what you could have done better. I do the same thing in my job, always trying to find ways to do my best! Keep it up with your learning! I hope to show your blog to some of my work colleagues.

    Manaiakalani Education Trust

  3. Chloe, I love the recount of your speech. I really wish I had been there with you all and heard your presentation. I know you made us all proud of the effort you put into researching, writing and rehearsing your speech. WELL DONE.

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