Saturday, 29 March 2014

Helios The Sun God By Autymn

In Room 12 for reading, Group 4 and 5 are studying myths and legends. We were told to choose a Myth or Legend and write some memoribillia to swap with a friend. My memoribillia is about the Sun God, Helios, below are some facts for Helios. I hope you enjoy.

Family of Helios

Helios is the sun god, his parents are Hyperion and Theia. They were the union of the celestial Titan. Helios had sisters and there names are Selene, the goddess of the moon, and Eos, the radiant rosy fingered goddess of the dawn. His first marriage was to his sister Selene, but overall he had many other wives.

Appearance of Helios

Helios was a glowing god with bright curls of hair. His piercing eyes gazed from underneath his golden helmet and he wore fine-spun garments. The Ancient Greeks interpreted Helios as a gigantic eye with a halo, observing that everything he touched shone like gold.

How Helios travelled

Helios travelled in a winged  golden bed, he was called the sun and was predicted to be the sun. Helios sees everything that happens every minute of the day.

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  1. Hi room12 I think your story is really cool!! from. We are in room12 to in Christchurch from12!!