Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fierce Dragon by Tre

4345455656565666666666666666666666666666.jpgOn Friday, reporters found a dragon in the middle of the park.
The GIS Herald received an anonymous call to report a dragon on the loose.
6 year old Leo Rugby saw the dragon’s big red eyes, big green scaly body, ferocious teeth and said there was blood running out of his claws.
It is thought that the blood streaming out of his claws came from a recent dragon fight.

Flames were shooting out from his jaws. The fire was going every way the dragon saw possible to strike. But little kids from Haarera Elementary School were scared so they call the police. The police  fought the terrifying dragon with their sticks.

As the dragon breathed fire the Policeman’s sticks burst into flames. The Police have run back to their station to get guns.

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  1. Hi Tre
    Your dragon story is pretty cool I hope that you do another one.