Saturday, 18 August 2012

I was so upset - by Auariki

I wasn’t expecting to miss out on the biggest day of my life.
My biggest day was the Netbook Roll Out.
On that day I had to stay at home because I was sick.

While everyone in Rooms 9 to 12 were getting their Netbook I was stuck at home.
I almost cried missing out on getting my OWN Netbook. I had to stay home with my little sister and brother while my mum and nana were at school doing the Netbook course. As I was at home I was watching too much tv while my siblings were running around the house.

When the kids came back home they told me about the Netbook Roll out.
They also told me that they took pictures and played a lot of games. They said they had so much fun exploring their netbook.

I was so happy but I wished I had got the chance to get my own netbook on that day.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Auariki,

    I would of felt like that if I was missing out on getting my netbook. But you would of had fun on the first day you got your netbook.