Tuesday, 14 August 2012

It surprised me when it happened! by Kaz

Ki orana, welcome to my blog. I will be describing what happened yesterday (Wednesday 25th of July 2012) It was the most exciting day of my life.
My most favourite lovely and most wonderful teacher aid Miss Lammas, read out an email from the Queen Elizabeth, Richie McCa, Dan Carter and Valerie Adams. How lucky are we to get an email from the Queen, two All Blacks players and Valerie Adams the Olympic shotput champion.
My favourite male teacher Mr.Ramkolowan made a movie that starred  one of  my best friends Celia.
I am think that we should all thank our parents if they had brought you and your brothers or sisters a netbook because you have a wonderful opportunity to work with the Makanalani programme. I will never forget that my mum and dad have bought me a netbook.

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  1. We enjoyed hearing the emails from the Queen and Richie McCaw too. We really like the opening of the movie, it was just like a feature film on the big screen. What do you like best about your netbooks in Room 12?