Friday, 31 August 2012

Feeling a little nervous by Felila

We have been learning to write and present our speeches. We had to persuade the audience to think our way. The Olympics was our theme.
The criteria we had to use to write and present our speech included, an introduction, delivery, content and our conclusion. We also had to:

1) Pose a question.
2) Use powerful words
3) Also appropriate words.

Last week Room 12 down to Room 8 had to present their speech on Olympics. When we finished writing or typing our speech we had to read it and see if it is good. When I heard that we had to read our speeches to the class I felt astonished.
The reasons why we had to read our speech is because we needed to find four winners for our speech competition on Friday 17 of August. It has to be 2 year 6's & 2 year 7's. I was second to read my speech, and I was ready! I kind of felt nervous but did not worry. When I finished my voice was clear and I made good eye contact. I really needed more information and to make it a bit longer because my time was 1.55. Next time I could include more of my own ideas and research my topic more. 
After that, we all read our speeches for the third time and chose a winner. It was Chloe and Enosi
for the year six and Auariki and Tan-Charlie for the year sevens. 
On the Friday 17 of August (the final day) Chloe, Enosi, Auariki and Tan-Charlie had one last chance to practise. 
Finally we have lined up to go in the hall. I knew that some of them were nervous because their voice was shaky. The good news is that Chloe came second and Auariki came fourth. I knew Chloe would come second. 

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