Friday, 5 October 2012

Free Sandwich by Jelsma

Today our school went to the hall and we made a sandwich for free. The ingredients were ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber and carrot. The teacher gave out the food, all the children were noisy.
The food was donated by Pak'n'Save Glen Innes. The sandwich was  good and my friends were acting weird especially Lasalosi.  After that the little kids went back to their class but as for us we had to tidy up, and then Mr Naidoo said, we are going to do a healthy lunch again. 
I can't wait for next week to make a healthy lunch.


  1. Jelsma, I really like your story about the sandwich making. It is really fun. Did you have a delicious sandwich? Why do you want another healthy day?

  2. Bula Vinaka Jelsma,
    Yum! This story about free sandwiches is outstanding. You have clearly described the sandwich and the ingredients. Why did your class have to tidy up, but not the other classes?