Saturday, 22 September 2012

I love puppies by Longa

Do you like puppies? Well I absolutely adore puppies. Do you know why I love puppies? It's because I grew up with a puppy called Spot. Spot is about 8-9 years old. I like Spot because he is kind to me and plays with me. Also because my brother Jamie  has two labador, red nose, part German shepherd  puppies named Snoopy and Girly. They are brother and sister, which makes it better for them to communicate much better also play together in a friendly way. Sometimes they can annoy me by crying. Did you know that puppies cry? Well I didn't know until they started crying. But you can get used to it. Puppies are just great to own because you can have a lot of fun and when they grow up you can take them for walks. I enjoy playing with Spot, Girly and Snoopy. I am sure if you have a puppy or puppies, you will enjoy playing with them as much as I do.

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