Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sandwich Making by Felila

Cheese with Tuna & Apple..YUMMY
On Thursday 30th of August, all the classes went to the hall for sandwich making.
We were all surprised and happy. While we were walking to the hall, I heard lots of people talking about the sandwich making, like some of room 9 and room 11. I knew some of them couldn't wait to make the sandwiches.

When we got there everything was prepared. The tables was prepared and wrapped around with paper. The cheese on every table was looking good.
We all sat down getting ready to make and decorate our sandwiches.

But first we had a prayer to bless the food, then the teachers were going everywhere putting vegetables on the plates, we had fun and we enjoyed making the sandwich. We had cucumbers, cheese, grated carrot, ham, lettuce, buttered bread, and tuna with little apple pieces, also some buns.

That was a delicious meal. Thanks to the sponsors of Pak'n'Save, without them bringing the food, the teachers wouldn't have planned it. As soon as we had our prayer, the kids rushed for the cheese and most of all the ham. Yum-yum. We laughed a lot. 

I made a sandwich with a lot of ham and cheese. I had two sandwiches and one funny bun, which was shaped like an oval.

After that we cleaned the hall, stacked the chairs and cleaned the floor.Finally we went to class, Than went outside to play. The funny part was when a friend of mine, Evelyn was laughing so much that she nearly choked.

Thanks to all the teachers who prepared the hall and to Pak'n'Save  for supplying the food.

We are all looking forward to have another sandwich making.

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