Thursday, 20 September 2012

The yummiest sandwich by Talia

Wow! What an amazing lunch we had on Thursday the 30th of August. It was so cool because we had a healthy lunch with carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, ham, cheese, bread & tuna with apple inside it. The food was so delicious, the best part was that our school was so lucky we didn't have to spend a whole heap of money buying the things to make our yummy sandwiches. It was because Glen Innes Pak'n'Save had sponsored all the food that they had provided us with. On my table we all munched on our sandwiches like there was no tommorow. On our secound round we did so much creating with our ingredients, we had so much to eat our stomachs were so full. In our table we said to each other guess our yummy sandwich. After all the ingredients were on our table we rushed and took as much as we could. At the end I was looking around to see who had the yummiest sandwich. I picked Auariki. She was so creative with the fruit & veges in her sandwich. It was so cool that at the end we had to clean & pack up all the tables & chairs.            So eat healthy every day & remember the 5+ a day.....

Five a day is what they say,
To keep the flu away.
So fruit & veges you should eat,
It makes you faster on you feet!


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