Friday, 12 September 2014

Skipping with Glen Innes by Moko

Last week Glen Innes school went down GI for jump rope for heart. Room 1 was first up and Mrs Manu had to blow the whistle for room 1 to get in their places. Next up was room 2. When room 2 were skipping they were smiling at their parents. The parents were taking videos of their kids and the whole class.
Next up is room 3 they were nervous. They didn't won't to go and skip. After that room 3 was skipping and they were excited when they were enjoying the fun. Room 4 was skipping and they were so happy to skip they were not scared they were just happy for their family to video shoot them on their phone.

When room 8 went on, Mrs Barry's grandson was awesome because he was skipping very well.
Every one in room 8 was ready for skipping. Room 9 was awesome because they were doing forward backward cross double landers properly. Room 10 was so scared because they thought they might do something wrong so they felt  embarrassed. When it came to room 11 they were  excited and Shilo was the tallest in the class. He was jumping so so high. Finally room 12 the sports class went to do their skipping. We were scared too and when we were skipping Mrs Barry was blowing the  whistle.

MRS Barry was blowing the horn for side to side. Then 5 or 10 seconds later she blew the whistle again for us to change our skipping jump.

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