Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Back in the day by Haarera

For reading this week, we read a story called Back in my day. These are our activities.

This is the first question. 

Would you like to live in their dad’s day? What/Why not?

Yes. Because you would be able to ride a horse to school. Can go and play with the animals.

This is the second question.

 Complete the table below.


Not sleeping in
Can get your chores finished and get to school early.
Could wake up your mum and dad and they  might get angry at you.
Outside toilet
When your playing outside you can get to the toilet fast.
A strange person could open the door while you're in it.
Having no shoes
Get to experience what's around you with your feet.
You can’t keep your feet warm on winter.
Riding horses to school
Can have fun playing on the horse.
Could for off and hurt your self.
No electronic games
Can have more time to play outside.
On rainy days  you can’t  play any games outside.
No T.V
No distractions from playing outside with your friends.  
Nothing to watch. Just listen to radio.
No shower,only tub and river.
Can swim in the river while you can take a bath and have a lie down in the tub.
Can’t turn on the water fast in the shower and you might not like having baths in the river.

This is the third question. 
Read the chores dad had to do before he went to school. Rank these in order from best chore to worst chore.

Best chore  
Collect the eggs from the hens
Feed the animals
Cut the firewood
Milk the cows

This is the forth question.

What games do you enjoy playing outside after school, in the weekends and during the school holiday.
Games after school in the weekend and during the holiday.
Play with dogs.
Climb up the tree at home.
Kick the rugby ball.
Play with my cousins

The last question is.

Choose one page from this story and turn it into a cartoon to retell that page. Provide a simple caption.

My cartoon

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