Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Moko- Fractions

WALT: find a fraction of a set.
Solve these problems.  Please show your working.
Miki cut a cake into 4 equal pieces. She put frosting on 3 pieces of the cake. What fraction of the cake had frosting?

There were 11 students in a swimming pool. 9 got out. What fraction of the students got out?

Robbie cut a pie into 5 equal slices. Then he ate 4 of the slices. What fraction of the pie did Robbie eat?

Bridget had 18 apple pies. She gave 1/2 of what she had to her friend Rosa. How many apple pies did Rosa get?
1/2 of 18 = 18 2 = 9

Of the 24 students in Ashley's class, ¼ of them have a pet cat and 2/4 also have a dog as a pet. How many students in Ashley's class had a pet cat?
1/4 of 24 =6

Kuraia had bought 30 cupcakes for her birthday party. One half of them had chocolate icing.  When she got home her little sister ate 1/3 of it.  How many chocolate icing cup cakes had Kuraia bought?
1/2 of 30 = 15

My niece collected 28 yummy stickers.  Her best friend collected a quarter of what she had.  How many stickers did my niece’s best friend collect?
1/4 of 28 = 7

There are 32 students in room 10.  Half of them are vegetarian and two quarters wanted to go on a field trip.  How many vegetarian students are there in room 10?
1/2 of 32 = 16  
Gordon had 36 toy cars.  He sold 1/8 of them to his cousin John and his big brother took a quarter of it.  How many toy cars did his big brother take?
1/4 of 36 = 9

Viliami was given $24 for his birthday.  He went to the mall with his brother, Sione.  Viliami spent ½ of his money on a new pair of jeans and he put the rest into his piggy bank.  How much money did Viliami put into his piggy bank?  
1/2 of 24 = 12

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