Friday, 12 September 2014

Shall I sit it out? by Sameera

Skipping for Heart Health

Every year G.I.S  is always invited to skip and perform their Jump Rope routines. This year was nerve racking, my heart was beating as fast as a cheetah. Every single class had their moves and songs to show off.

The confidence that we all took on the performing stage, was encouraging. My favourite performance was all of the classes but the best one that stood out was Rm10.  Why? Because they were all participating. The people were cheering and shouting their names and although sometimes it could get a little bit embarrassing it was still awesome.

The purpose of doing skipping is to keep
  • Fit
  • Active
  • your heart pumping

So guess what it hit the point when it was my class to skip, nerve racking, much. Some part of me wanted to skip and then the other side of me wanted to just sit out, but then I didn't want to let my class or school down. As we skipped to the song I got happy because the people were cheering and people were having fun watching us so I just went with the flow and it was fun.


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