Tuesday, 9 September 2014

DO NOT TOUCH by Sameera

Andy and Mike were chosen to go to Auckland Museum for a worldwide road trip. Andy and Mike sneaked off to the toilets. While they were walking they went passed a huge dragon statue. It had a massive sign in red saying “ DO NOT TOUCH!” At the very bottom of the sign it said in very little writing “Don’t touch, the dragon might come alive.” They thought that it was very funny, so they rushed to the toilets, then headed back to their group.

As the group arrived at the dragon statue,  Andy and Mike stayed back until their class left. As soon as the class left, they raced to the dragon statue and Mike nervously  touched it.
The dragon reared up with his head high, his big blazing teeth, claws sharpen like a needle and his gigantic green tail lifted high and dropped  to the ground. They had turned their laughs to screams. They ran very quickly to find their group but they couldn't so they panicked. Andy told Mike to never give up, so Mike wiped his tears and ran to the nearest exit.

While the dragon was chasing them the dragon stopped at the exit and said to Mike and Andy, “WHY DID YOU TOUCH ME. DID YOU NOT READ THE SIGN?” 
Mike and Andy replied with a fearful look, “sorry we didn't mean to do that, we thought the sign wouldn't be true.”  
The dragon replied with a huge smile, “It’s all right and for the record I was sick of being a statue my whole life and I'm very thankful.” 
Mike asked with a confused voice, “So, so you weren't not trying to kill us or anything bad?”

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  1. Hi Sameera
    WOW! Your story was amazing. I enjoyed reading your story. When I was reading, I thought something bad was going to happen to Andy and Mike but instead, the dragon thanked them for freeing him from being a statue. Did you have to brainstorm your ideas?

    Keep up the great work Sameera.