Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Siua writing about Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope @ Glen Innes

Today the whole school went to the Glen Innes centre for skipping. We went at 11:00 o clock. When all the classes were there we started to skip. First it was room 1 to skip.  Their item was so cool. We all laughed when we were looking at all the little kids skip because they skip funny.  Then it went room 2, they were really good at skipping for 5 and 6 year olds.  Then room 3 had a good routine and funny music. Room 7 was very long. Next it was room 8 they were cool because my brother was in it. Then it was room 9; they were awesome and had chosen a good song too. Then it was room 10 they were boring.  Then it was room 11 their routine was funny. Then it was the best room. Room 12 was cool and had funny skipping.  After that we had a skip off.  At the end Ashley won the skip off. We went to school at 12:30.  My favourite class was room 12 because it was very interesting and they were funny. I hope we have a better jump rope next time.

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