Monday, 7 September 2015


13 days till sports camp Yay ( :
I'm really looking forward to Sports Camp because other people say they want to go again and again and again but they can’t. They say it’s one of the best Camps they've been to. This will be my first time and i'm really excited but scared at the same time.
We have been practicing since the beginning of term 2. We struggled a lot but now look how far we've come. We tried and worked hard and now we're almost there. Not even 2 more weeks to wait.
Now I'm really scared what if everything goes wrong? What if we lose a lot of games? But on the bright side I have Faith in us, we could win more trophies  than this school has ever won . All we need to do is really really try hard and have faith that we could win.

12 More SLEEPS till Sports Camp


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