Sunday, 27 September 2015

Candy Floss Clouds by Melissa

Tropical Island

As I burn my feet walking along the hot sand, under the bright sun I could see the waves clashing against a big rock. I could see tall coconut trees swishing through the wind as it drops coconuts onto the sand. As I walk over to get a coconut to hydrate me, I could hear birds chirping in the trees trying to feed their babies some fish. I crack the coconut open and drink the sweet milk inside it under an umbrella I found earlier.

I start staring at the clear water after it finishes a game of tackles with the rocks. The water was calmly moving towards me and I got a small glimpse of the sparkles in the water. I slowly began to fall asleep as the sun made me feel tired. I layed down and began to look at the blue sky thinking that the clouds were candy floss. Then I fell asleep.

Two hours later I woke up just when the sun was going down, stars began to shine and the moon began to show. Just before the time hit 8:00 pm, from a mile away into the ocean I could see a pack of dolphins doing tricks and flips.

After watching amazing entertainment I grabbed a piece of string tied to a hook, and started to fish. I hung the fishing line on a rock and went back to my small hut and created a small fire. While waiting for my fishing line to get a bite I went to look for a stick for my fish to be stabbed through. When I quickly came back I was just in time to get my fishing line and saw a fish bite it. I quickly pulled my string up and cooked the fish that I caught.

The next morning the sun rose and I heated up the leftover fish for breakfast. Then I decided to go for a long bush walk around the Island. I packed a bottle of cold water and a coconut for when I was hungry. Walking through the bushes of this island I left trace marks on the sand for me so I could find my way back to my hut. I saw amazing creatures and found a hammock. As I look down at my watch it was time for me to find my way back to my hut. On my way back the breeze flowing towards me made me feel a bit chilly. So I decided to jog all the way back to my hut.

As I arrived to my hut I saw some birds trying to pick the leftover fish near the fire. I just left the birds and hung my hammock up between two palm trees. I hopped onto the hammock and tried relaxing. A little while later I spotted a small rescue boat. I signaled them and they came towards me asking if I was alright when they were close. I told them I was fine. I then knew straight away I had to leave this tropical island of mine and I had to go home. I slowly packed my stuff onto the boat wondering if I would ever get a chance to come back here. But I had to leave to get back home to my family.

Sitting on the boat leaving this Island I was sad. I had a great time and didn't want to leave so soon. But maybe I guess it was just an amazing experience.

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