Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mele writes about her Topic

All around the World.                                                                                  Friday 14th August 2015

My topic this term, is about the Rugby World Cup 2015. So far we have learnt a lot of interesting facts about Rugby world cup. Each one of us in Rm 12 have got 2 Countries to investigate. My 1st country from pool A is Wales,and my 2nd  country from Pool B is Scotland. We all have to study the 2 countries we got. Everyone in Rm 12 has to work on England too. We have to do a Presentation about our countries. In our Presentation we have to write some interesting  facts about our 3 countries. So far we have learnt a lot of Facts about RWC. We also know lots of facts about the 3 countries we worked on.

Questions about RWC?

1. Where was the Rugby World Cup held?
2. What time will the RWC start?
3. Where in England is the RWC?
4. Who score mostly all the tries
in the RWC?
5. Who will win the RWC?

Questions about my 3 countries I study?
1. What is Wales National Dish?
2. Who is Wales Famous Person?
3. What is the Capital of Wales?
4. What is Wales National Sport?

What is Scotland National Animal?
Who is Scotland Famous Person?
What is the Capital of  Scotland?

Who is England's Famous Person?
What is the Capital of England?
What is England Language?

These are the Questions I have Written, Come back later and see the answers.

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